No payday without Checking BIK and KRD

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chwilówka-without-bik We will give you an overview of the payday without checking BIK and KRD online, that is companies where there is a payday without BIK and KRD completely online.

If you have a positive credit history and so you did not have any major delays in paying off your bills or loan installments, then without a big problem you will get a break. If your income is not too big, but you earn the lowest income, most companies will give you a quick break without any major obstacles. In a somewhat worse situation will be people with debts and delays in repayments. Those that have been recorded in debtors’ databases such as KRD. Also be visible in BIK databases, which can be found for significant delays in repayment of bank loan installments.

This does not mean, however, that such people are without a chance to get a loan or extra cash. Some companies, although they verify the aforementioned bases, look as if they are a gentler eye on the client’s credit history. Some of the companies also focus on verification in specific databases, and I would like to focus on these companies in today’s article.

Companies in which there is no payday without BIK and KRD

In which companies can we get a payday without both BIK and without KRD? Unfortunately, I have to worry you because you will not find a company that would not verify any of this database. However, there are companies that give petitions without BIK or loan companies without checking the KRD . You will have the opportunity to read about these companies below.

Waiver without BIK – a few selected companies providing payday loans without BIK verification

Waiver without BIK and KRD

FREEZL – for the first shot, the Freezl offer, as in the advertising materials the company openly admits that it does not carry out verification in BIK databases. So if you are looking for a time in which it will not be checked or simply will not be taken into consideration, then Freezl will definitely be a good loan offer. Currently, the company’s offer includes loans up to PLN 5,000, which are within the reach of even new customers. The company grants loans to people who are 18 or older and can boast ID cards. Currently, the company’s offer does not include a free loan for new customers, but sometimes such offer appears in their offer for a short time.

NETCREDIT – Another of the companies that will be available for a minute without BIK. Unlike Freezl, in Necredit, the promotion of the first loan for free is included all the time, from the moment the company’s offer has come online. As part of such a loan, we will be able to obtain up to PLN 2,000 with a standard 30-day repayment period. Regular customers of the company, who will want to use the company’s loans already outside the promotion, will be able to borrow up to 5,000 PLN through them.

KREDITO24 – unfortunately, we do not witness a promotion for new clients, but how to remember one day such a free minute was available at Kredito24. The offer may be of interest to young people who have just come into adulthood because the company has been giving loans to people for 18 years. As you probably guessed, the company belongs to the companies that give you instant check-ins without checking BIK , basing on verification mainly on their own databases. The company offers payday in the maximum amount of PLN 3000 with a 30-day repayment period.

EXTRAPORTFEL – one of my favorites if we talk about payday loans. The company has one of the better proposals for new customers and the first loan has to offer up to 2,500 PLN. What’s more, the company has an extended repayment period, which means that we will have up to 45 days to repay the loan. With subsequent loans, the company may propose to increase the limit of loans even up to PLN 5,000. By submitting an application to Extraportfel, you can be sure that the loan will be granted completely online and so all formalities will be completed via the internet, including the contract sent via email.

KASA EXPRESS – the last of the companies in which you have the chance to find a payday without BIK. Both as a new and regular customer of the company, you have the option of borrowing up to PLN 1,500 as a rule. New customers will be able to borrow such a loan for free. Of course, provided that they return it on the agreed date. They will have 15 or 30 days for it, depending on how much the loan will be given to you.

Momentary or loan without KRD

SUPER GROSZ – in this field there is only one company that does not carry out verification in KRD databases. Super Grosz in granting loans is based mainly on information contained in the Economic Information Bureau and Credit Information Bureau. In the Super Grosz offer, there are long-term loans with a repayment period of up to 48 months. However, nothing sadly prevents the smaller loan amount from continuing with the repayment period in two monthly installments. The amount of available loans that the company has to offer to us ranges from 1000 to 10,000 PLN.

CREDITMAX – at the end one more proposal for people looking for companies in which there will be a payday without BIK and KRD. Creditmax is not a typical company but an intermediary who will find a tailor-made offer for us, depending on the loan we are looking for. Both if you are looking for a minute without BIK, both if it is to be a loan without KRD, as well as any other non-bank loan. Creditmax will match the loan offer to our profile and requirements for the loan amount as well as the repayment period.


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