I am not paying back the loan – what additional costs will I incur?

A loan from a non-bank company, like any other financial liability, should be repaid on time. Therefore, the loan decision must be well thought out and taken out with headache, adequate not only to our needs, but above all to the possibilities. An outstanding commitment is not only exposing you to legal unpleasantness, but also aggravating your financial disadvantage and accumulating costs. Regardless of whether it is payday loan or installment loan – the consequences are the same and equally severe.

What if I don’t pay back the loan?

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First of all, if you do not have all the payday payable due, you should go to a loan company and try to use the option of extension. This can be a standard extension of the repayment period, refinancing or an attempt to spread the debt into installments. However, to use such solutions, you must have any money that could be used for this loan.

Usually it is an amount of several dozen or several hundred zlotys

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Depending on how much the loan was and how long the repayment period was. Also, if the payday loan is divided into installments, it is good to have some amount to start – many companies are more likely to agree to such an application if we have already paid some amount to repay the capital.

Responsibility is a way to avoid problems

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Getting a loan or credit is always a big risk, both for the client and the loan company. If you have serious financial problems, it is best not to take out a loan, even if you find companies that do not take into account your low repayment capacity or negative credit history. If you already want to take such a loan, be sure to familiarize yourself with the loan offer, use a loan comparison tool that will allow you to choose the most advantageous and carefully read the contract.