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” Catarse crowdfunding is a collective financing platform for creative projects, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate. “Often, a dream can not be realized because of a lack of financial resources. The crowdfunding model is becoming more and more widespread in Brazil and its purpose is to help people with the most varied interests such as arts, technology, journalism, fashion and design, photography, sports, events and social and environmental issues to take their projects from paper.

Catarse crowdfunding

Catarse crowdfunding

Contrary to what many people imagine, crowdfunding is not a credit grant but a collective financing that works much more as a donation than as a loan . If you want to start a campaign to raise money to transform your dream into reality, you can count on platforms like Catarse .

Catarse is a crowdfunding platform that makes it easier for anyone to get their project off the paper. Project supporters make their donations fully online, safely and without bureaucracy, and whoever requested the collective funding receives the money in their account in order to finally get out of the draft what might have already happened.

How does crowdfunding work?

How does crowdfunding work?

Collective funding is a totally collaborative movement through which special people help artists, causes, companies, and NGOs they believe in, helping them to take cool projects out of paper. Catarse , through an intuitive and secure website, allows people to help people start a dream. The protagonists of this story are the filmmakers (project owners) and the supporters (people who want to help make their donations).

 Make a project at Catarse crowdfunding and get your collective financing

Every project published in Catarse has a page full of information in which the director can tell the story of his project, detailing the reasons why he wants to accomplish this and being able to convince his future supporters to share a dream with him. It also determines the goal (value) for your campaign and the timeframe needed to get that amount. Through this same page, supporters can communicate with the director, ask questions and make payments.

What are the types of campaigns in Catarse?

What are the types of campaigns in Catarse?

The director interested in publishing a project in Catarse can choose between two types of campaign: “All or Nothing” or “Flex”. Here’s how each of them works.

Everything or nothing

If you choose this type of campaign, the director will only receive the money raised if he or she can achieve the goal or exceed it. If the goal is not met, supporters get back the money they already donated.

Check out more details:

  • The maximum term for collection is 60 days and, once set, the deadline can no longer be changed;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • If you reach or exceed your goal, you will receive the money raised, leaving 13% of that value to Catarse – that’s what they call the administrative fee.

It is a good idea to choose this type of campaign if you need an exact amount of money to get your project off the paper.


When starting a Flex campaign, the director can receive all the money raised even if he does not reach the established goal. In that case, of course, supporters never get the money back.

Take the time to check out more information:

  • The maximum deadline for collection is 365 days, that is, a Flex campaign can be in the air for up to 1 year in Catarse ;
  • You do not have to pay anything to launch a campaign;
  • When receiving your money, having reached the goal or not, the platform will be with 13% of the value as administrative fee.

This is a good type of campaign for you if, in the case of your project, any amount raised is welcome.

Which projects can be published in Catars?

Which projects can be published in Catars?

To publish a project, the director must follow the campaign guidelines.

You must be 18 years of age or older, be Brazilian, have a bank account and an address in Brazil, present true and well-defined information in your proposal, detail your budget, meet defined implementation promises, and remain available for communication with your supporters.

In the case of NGOs, it is necessary to present, in addition to the above items, corporate name, CNPJ and proof of address of any of the partners.

Illegal projects that exploit third parties without their consent, sexual themes or apology for any type of crime will not be approved. It is also forbidden to borrow from Catarse , to offer cash rewards to supporters, to carry out political campaigns or resale of ready-made products, and to carry out unregulated raffles.

What types of cataract projects can be done?

What types of cataract projects can be done?

If you want to start your business using crowdfunding, you first need to know your area well:

” Architecture and Urbanism, Arts, Science and Technology, Cinema and Video, Design and Fashion, Education, Sport, Events, Photography, Gastronomy, Games, Journalism, Literature, Music, Personal, Comics, Socio-environmental, Theater and Dance. “

Then learn all about collective funding and the crowdfunding Catarse to do the right thing to succeed in collecting.

Contributions, rewards and reimbursements



To support a project by making a contribution, simply go to the project page, click on “Support this project”, define the value of the support and other information and finish. It is possible to pay by credit card or bank transfer.


To reciprocate support for your project, filmmakers can offer rewards divided into shares of value. The higher the amount donated, the more interesting the supporter’s reward will be. Since it is forbidden to offer money as a reward, the director must think of something that connects people to the project and has affective value.


In the “All or Nothing” model, if the supported project does not reach the goal set by the director, the supporter can receive 100% of the donated value.

Now that you already know how the Catarse website works and about crowdfunding, which is a collective financing, are you waiting for what to start to learn how to plan a successful collective financing?



Want to know more about how a collection procedure works? – Atlantis Financiers Sat, 06 Apr 2019 09:51:10 +0000 Read More »]]>


Would you like more information about the speed of the application procedure or our acceptance policy? Then click here

When a debtor, after being reminded several times, has still not made the payment, the collection procedure follows. The precise collection procedure differs from company to company. This article discusses the working method of Atlantis Financiers. We do not only manage your receivables , but also pre-collection and collection .

Atlantis Financiers is an experienced financier for SMEs. We look at the form in which a loan suits your company best, but we dare to take more risks than the average financier. As a result, there are often more options than you may have in mind. In addition to financing, we are also specialized in debtor management .

If you are an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000, you can submit a financing application using the form on the right. You will usually be contacted within 48 hours about the options.




It is of course always possible that your debtor has forgotten that there is still an outstanding invoice. Or that paying for this has been added. It is also possible that something went wrong during the delivery, as a result of which your debtor has not yet made the payment. Whatever the reason: Atlantis sends a friendly request for collection, with respect for the business relation. Pre-collection helps to check your debtors and collect outstanding invoices.

With us, the friendly approach to pre-collection is free of additional costs for your debtor. It works as a handy reminder. What we do is contact your debtor, whereby the outstanding invoice is brought to the attention. Experience shows that this is usually sufficient for the debtor to switch to payment.

Your final reminder will be printed on our pre-collection letter paper and sent in a blank envelope. We will send this last reminder on your behalf, but on our letterhead. However, the payment data from Atlantis Financiers are missing from this reminder and all monies, including administration costs, are directly due to the client. The administration costs included in this letter will in any case cover the costs for this letter. The advantage of this last warning on our letterhead is that the relationship with your customer is maintained. The pre-collection letter leads to payment in 80% of the cases.

More information about financing

Debt collection

Debt collection


If pre-collection has not had any effect, collection is started . Our collection procedure means that an official letter is first sent. E-mails are also sent and your debtor is contacted by phone. We will continue to do this until your debtor makes the payment. We have various options, from amicable to legal.

If the friendly approach has no effect, we will proceed with legal action. Atlantis has the means to have it seized, summoned or to file for bankruptcy. We ensure that your debtor pays the invoice.

Always ensure that you do not wait too long before calling in help. Experience has shown that your debtor is aware that the invoice has not yet been paid. The sooner you call in our help, the greater the chance that the invoice will be paid. And the sooner you ask for help, the greater the chance that it can be resolved extrajudicially.

Read more about debtor management

Read more about debtor management

Impulse Credit

It is of course possible that you have a number of debtors who do not pay on time. This can ensure that you are waiting for your money, cannot continue with your business, and valuable time is lost. Atlantis Financiers offers a solution for this: the Impuls Krediet . You will immediately receive money in your current account with your debtor portfolio as collateral. You immediately have the opportunity to expand your business.

The Impuls Krediet works as follows: you inform Atlantis Financiers how much your outstanding debt portfolio is, then you receive an amount for this to be able to invest directly in your company. Your debtor portfolio serves as collateral for Atlantis Financiers. The advantage is that you immediately have assets, instead of an outstanding receivable from your customers.

Request more information

Atlantis Financiers can help you

Atlantis Financiers can help you


If you are an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000 and with a financing requirement, you have come to the right place at Atlantis Financiers. We are an experienced financier for SMEs. We look at the form in which a loan suits your company best, but we dare to take more risks than the average financier. As a result, there are often more options than you may have in mind. In addition to financing, we are also specialized in debtor management.

If you want a financing, you can submit a financing application via the button below. When we have received this correctly and completely, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours about the possibilities.

We only provide business loans . Unfortunately, if you do not meet the sales requirement, we cannot help you further.


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What is a Consolidation Loan and its Terms? Mon, 01 Apr 2019 04:53:08 +0000 Read More »]]>

A consolidation loan is unnecessarily associated with many people with non-bank institutions. After all, these are financial products also offered by traditional bank branches. That is why it is worth to take a closer look at them. See for further editorial

A consolidation loan and terms

A consolidation loan and terms

The terms of the consolidation loan, in terms of interest rates as well as the possibility of receiving, are very similar to cash loans. The real interest rate, ie the interest rate along with commissions, margins and possible insurance varies from 8 to 35%. It all depends on which bank we want to borrow money for, for how long we want to borrow it, and how much it is to borrow. Our credit history is also important. The more debts we have, the more security the bank will expect.

The most interesting is that payday loans, as well as other non-bank loans, we have to pay back within a few months. In contrast, the maximum repayment period for a consolidation loan is even 10 years. In this way, we extend the loan period, and such a process will definitely reduce the monthly installment.

How to take a consolidation loan?

How to take a consolidation loan?

Nowadays, there is practically no problem with borrowing a consolidation loan. Even for this purpose, we do not have to go to the bank’s headquarters. All we need is a personal account with access to the internet panel. One short application is enough to get a loan. If the bank’s representatives have any doubts, then the best solution will definitely be to meet in order to discuss the details. You will certainly be able to negotiate convenient terms of the consolidation loan.

Of course, there is not the slightest problem with borrowing a consolidation loan in the traditional way, i.e. directly at the outlet. On the other hand, people who are not convinced as to which offer is best to choose may arrange a meeting with a financial adviser. This turn will present the best offers in terms of our financial situation.

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No payday without Checking BIK and KRD Mon, 25 Mar 2019 10:16:16 +0000 Read More »]]>

Waivers without BIK , Loans without BIK , Small Loans , 18-year loans , Loans without verification , Loans as proof , Loans on installments , Non-bank loans 16

chwilówka-without-bik We will give you an overview of the payday without checking BIK and KRD online, that is companies where there is a payday without BIK and KRD completely online.

If you have a positive credit history and so you did not have any major delays in paying off your bills or loan installments, then without a big problem you will get a break. If your income is not too big, but you earn the lowest income, most companies will give you a quick break without any major obstacles. In a somewhat worse situation will be people with debts and delays in repayments. Those that have been recorded in debtors’ databases such as KRD. Also be visible in BIK databases, which can be found for significant delays in repayment of bank loan installments.

This does not mean, however, that such people are without a chance to get a loan or extra cash. Some companies, although they verify the aforementioned bases, look as if they are a gentler eye on the client’s credit history. Some of the companies also focus on verification in specific databases, and I would like to focus on these companies in today’s article.

Companies in which there is no payday without BIK and KRD

In which companies can we get a payday without both BIK and without KRD? Unfortunately, I have to worry you because you will not find a company that would not verify any of this database. However, there are companies that give petitions without BIK or loan companies without checking the KRD . You will have the opportunity to read about these companies below.

Waiver without BIK – a few selected companies providing payday loans without BIK verification

Waiver without BIK and KRD

FREEZL – for the first shot, the Freezl offer, as in the advertising materials the company openly admits that it does not carry out verification in BIK databases. So if you are looking for a time in which it will not be checked or simply will not be taken into consideration, then Freezl will definitely be a good loan offer. Currently, the company’s offer includes loans up to PLN 5,000, which are within the reach of even new customers. The company grants loans to people who are 18 or older and can boast ID cards. Currently, the company’s offer does not include a free loan for new customers, but sometimes such offer appears in their offer for a short time.

NETCREDIT – Another of the companies that will be available for a minute without BIK. Unlike Freezl, in Necredit, the promotion of the first loan for free is included all the time, from the moment the company’s offer has come online. As part of such a loan, we will be able to obtain up to PLN 2,000 with a standard 30-day repayment period. Regular customers of the company, who will want to use the company’s loans already outside the promotion, will be able to borrow up to 5,000 PLN through them.

KREDITO24 – unfortunately, we do not witness a promotion for new clients, but how to remember one day such a free minute was available at Kredito24. The offer may be of interest to young people who have just come into adulthood because the company has been giving loans to people for 18 years. As you probably guessed, the company belongs to the companies that give you instant check-ins without checking BIK , basing on verification mainly on their own databases. The company offers payday in the maximum amount of PLN 3000 with a 30-day repayment period.

EXTRAPORTFEL – one of my favorites if we talk about payday loans. The company has one of the better proposals for new customers and the first loan has to offer up to 2,500 PLN. What’s more, the company has an extended repayment period, which means that we will have up to 45 days to repay the loan. With subsequent loans, the company may propose to increase the limit of loans even up to PLN 5,000. By submitting an application to Extraportfel, you can be sure that the loan will be granted completely online and so all formalities will be completed via the internet, including the contract sent via email.

KASA EXPRESS – the last of the companies in which you have the chance to find a payday without BIK. Both as a new and regular customer of the company, you have the option of borrowing up to PLN 1,500 as a rule. New customers will be able to borrow such a loan for free. Of course, provided that they return it on the agreed date. They will have 15 or 30 days for it, depending on how much the loan will be given to you.

Momentary or loan without KRD

SUPER GROSZ – in this field there is only one company that does not carry out verification in KRD databases. Super Grosz in granting loans is based mainly on information contained in the Economic Information Bureau and Credit Information Bureau. In the Super Grosz offer, there are long-term loans with a repayment period of up to 48 months. However, nothing sadly prevents the smaller loan amount from continuing with the repayment period in two monthly installments. The amount of available loans that the company has to offer to us ranges from 1000 to 10,000 PLN.

CREDITMAX – at the end one more proposal for people looking for companies in which there will be a payday without BIK and KRD. Creditmax is not a typical company but an intermediary who will find a tailor-made offer for us, depending on the loan we are looking for. Both if you are looking for a minute without BIK, both if it is to be a loan without KRD, as well as any other non-bank loan. Creditmax will match the loan offer to our profile and requirements for the loan amount as well as the repayment period.


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WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER Sun, 27 Jan 2019 11:02:54 +0000 Read More »]]>

 We’re in this together.



Today I’m defeated. I have 100 euros in my bank account and it is four days after payday. I was already renting money, so I’m not getting homeless. But I have 8 small loan payments in 4 days, totaling 800 euros, plus my kids’ school program wants another 200 euros and 600 euros more for the months I haven’t paid.

My 17-year-old car needs to be repaired just to start a massive repair to pass an update test planned for two weeks. In my inbox, there are some useful business envelopes appearing in the red shade, which is designed to create fear, and which is now triggering only with the shoulder and shoulder. I’m very grateful now that my office offers fresh fruit, granola bars, and a meal plan so I don’t have to worry about this month’s food. I hope.

How did it happen? I do more than the average in Israel, though not in any way the developer money. I would say that the main factor in my current economic crisis was my divorce. But it’s only half. As strange as it may seem, I do financially better than when I was married. Then I can literally recognize the sucking of money from our accounts due to his suffering due to several years of underage unemployment. When we left, I was no longer with the combined weight of bad money management and compensatory income.

At the same time, the parties were responsible for the EUR 25,000 joint loan we took just before the separation. And it was a big expense. It went even deeper when my ex stopped paying, and they began to go after me, finally freezing my bank account. As a result, I had to pay a lawyer 200 euros to make everything out and separate my debt. And it has become a pattern of recent years. My ex hasn’t paid child support voluntarily because it was first ordered. And so, I’ve paid for childcare, programs, clothes. And for that, I have often taken out loans, hoping that I could make some payments.

When we first separated, the child’s allowance was set at very low (400 euros each month for four children) because I earn more and because he looked after the children and working overnight in the afternoon, while I worked with typical high-tech. office schedule. But he continued to lose his jobs and, without the command of the Hebrew language or well-defined work skills, he decided to get fry at a local bar. So now, after a financial contribution, he continued as the main parent of the whole week, even though he was willing to watch the children every weekend as part of a restructured schedule.

At the beginning of 2018, the bar owner threatened to enforce a court order stating that my former salary had to be taken over by a debt collection agency who then goes to me to pay the debt he had built up to EUR 12,000. It worked for 10 months and made a mistake that I thought it would continue to work. Alas, the first month passed without payment, then two months … the third month without payment is over. You think it wouldn’t be that important. Unfortunately, the missing amount is just enough to keep me quietly sinking.

Because I was able to pay for this month, I went back to my lawyer for 100 euros, which I couldn’t afford to see if he could negotiate with my creditors or help me declare bankruptcy. The latter will be more likely to look, because my partner, an economist, was unable to convince my bank to extend my loans to help me make payments this month. I do not know what to do. And I’m the success story of one mother in this country. I cannot imagine the terror that mothers make on the minimum wage each month.

But I think deep, I know everything is fine. Because what my partner says when she calls her cute little apartments within walking distance of Seine.


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